A collection of up-to-date IT training courses is now at your fingertips at MeriTalk UniversIT, an online library helping professionals expand their knowledge in key areas of government IT. Users have access to six different courses focused on digitally transforming in the era of telework, cultivating a culture for security and innovation, leveraging next-gen technologies to further the mission, and more.

Clocking in at around 60 minutes each, users can earn one Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit in the information technology area for every 50 minutes completed. Take a look at the course offerings below:

Cloud 101 – Enabling and Securing Government Digital Transformation

Cloud computing has an increasingly central role in government IT modernization efforts. The Cloud 101 course looks at the ins and out of cloud, from how it’s leveraged to advance digital transformation to how to secure your cloud infrastructure for mission critical workloads. Broken into four different 20-minute sessions, Cloud 101 also covers best cloud migration practices, building a remote and onsite work infrastructure, and cloud service acquisition.

Building a Cloud Security Culture

Building cloud security with the correct tools is important to adapting and scaling your platform quickly. This course breaks down the benefits and capabilities of DevOps, as well as how to integrate security into the process. In three 20-minute sessions, IT experts discuss baked-in security controls available on AWS, as well as highlight key shared cloud security responsibilities between customers and partners.

Meeting the Mission at the Tactical Edge

When the cloud environment isn’t accessible in the field, the mission doesn’t stop. UniversIT’s “Meeting the Mission at the Tactical Edge” course includes three 20-minute sessions that explore ways to bring cloud services to the edge in a secure, compliant, and effective manner. Learn how AWS’ suite of edge technologies provides the flexibility and adaptability to deploy cloud capabilities and applications, along with collecting data for decision making at the edge.

Internet of Military Things – A Deep Dive

The Internet of Military Things (IoMT) course explores the ins and outs of integrating sensors effectively across military base ecosystems. Through three 20-minute sessions, the course examines common challenges, highlights how warfighters can extract value from sensors, and explores the military’s preparation for increased robotic use.

Faster, Smarter, Stronger: Implementing AI/ML in Government

Working smarter, not harder is the name of the game for the “Faster, Smarter, Stronger: Implementing AI/ML in Government” course. In three 20-minute sessions, dive into how agencies can leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate processes for better insights and efficiencies, how to gain visibility into networks for detecting anomalies and preventing cyber threats, and how integrating ML into systems and processes will reduce fraud, waste, and abuse.

Dive into Data Lakes: Centralized Data Enables Mission Success

Take the plunge into learning how data lakes can keep agencies from capsizing. Broken into three 20-minute sessions, you’ll explore the basics of data lakes, the role cloud plays, and the insights gained from them. In addition, users learn how to successfully deploy data lakes for mission success by securing senior leadership support, setting measurable outcomes, and determining infrastructure requirements.

It may be summer, but class is still in session with MeriTalk UniversIT. All courses are available now and registration is open. Join us today!

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Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith is a MeriTalk Senior Technology Reporter covering the intersection of government and technology.