Calling all life-long learners, incurable inquisitives, and most of all, IT professionals who want to keep current on all things government IT: Class is back in session…

UniversIT, MeriTalk’s online library of training courses that offer convenient and complimentary education opportunities to IT pros across the spectrum, is rolling out two new courses in the coming weeks.

IoMT Class Debuts March 24

New to UniversIT is the AWS masterclass, Internet of Military Things – a Deep Dive. This hour-long course cracks open the Internet of Military Things (IoMT) to explore how military bases can use sensors effectively, control and secure connected devices, and prepare for increased robotics use.

Broken into three 20-minute sessions, the course starts off with the intricacies of sensor integration and interoperability, how sensors can be used to unlock actionable data, and how sensors can operate at the edge.

From there, you’ll learn the practical lessons of how warfighters can extract value from data collected by the sensors, structure data to make real-time decisions, manage and secure devices, and navigate service and software integration.

The final session jumps into robotics testing and simulations, including insights on leveraging cloud services to better support developers, building and testing multiple test scenario robots, and extracting valuable insights from government customers.

Government AI/ML Course Arrives April 7

Coming to UniversIT on April 7 is AWS masterclass, Faster, Smarter, Stronger: Implementing AI/ML in Government. Everyone knows a little bit about artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and this course is designed to bridge the gap from general knowledge to practical applications of AI and ML to speed process automation and time to mission. Get ready to learn more about the several of the proven applications for AI and ML, including automating cyber defenses, maximizing abilities to chase down network anomalies, and taking steps to reduce fraud, waste, and abuse.

The course begins with a session on how to automate document management processes to both speed search and discovery, and to free up precious human capital for higher-value tasks.

It then moves on to explain how network security staff can leverage ML as an essential force multiplier to enable better data protection, improve code quality, allow more effective cyber threat hunting, and monitor continuously for unauthorized behavior on the network.

The course pays special attention to one of the most lucrative payoffs of ML technologies – reducing fraud. ML helps anti-fraud teams better flag suspicious behavior, adapt to changing threat patterns, and create fraud detection models that are dynamic, self-improving, and maintainable.

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While you’re exploring the UniversIT catalog, there are three additional courses currently available to watch, including:

CPE Credits Available

UniversIT courses are always complimentary and provide an opportunity to earn CPE credits for each course watched. And for every registration received, MeriTalk will donate $5 to USO-Metro to help support U.S. service members and their families. See you in class!

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