As Lt. Col. Max Reele, material leader at the U.S. Air Force’s Kessel Run agile software development unit, readies for a possible departure in the next two months, he said this week that he wants to leave the organization in a “really healthy place.”

At an April 11 VMWare event in Washington, Reele was asked about his future plans, and what kind of legacy he would like to leave after serving for over two years in the organization. Which focuses on supplying operational warfighting systems.

“I want to make sure that everything that I’m doing is driving towards leaving Kessel Run in a really healthy place for after-production, so that we can be enabling mission outcomes as our top priority,” Reele said.

Another top item, Reele said, is communicating how the organization needs to be “focused on [the] people because they care more about the mission, and the thin slices of the mission that they service.”

Over his two years of service at Kessel Run, Reele said the organization has been focused on a path to production that will remain “stable” for the foreseeable future.

“We’ve taken on replatforming efforts over three times – this drive towards stability is something that Kessel Run is really investing in right now and we want to make sure that path to production continues to stay stable,” he said.

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Jose Rascon
Jose Rascon
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