2018 brought a lot of progress on IT modernization and Federal policies, providing a platform for future IT modernization efforts, said Federal CIO Suzette Kent on Thursday.

“In reflection, 2018 was a year of action,” said Kent during the Advanced Technology Academic Research Center Federal IT Modernization Summit. “The shining light in overcoming obstacles has been the dedicated, talented leaders across the technology environment.”

Kent pointed to the progress in multiple initiatives across 2018. She highlighted new policies and updates for Identity and Access Management, the new Cloud Smart policy, the Data Center Optimization Initiative and new metrics, and a new Trusted Internet Connections policy coming out next week. She also cited progress on cloud email migration, the $500 million in proposals that have come before the Technology Modernization Fund board, and OMB’s success in fulfilling all 52 tasks from the 2017 IT Modernization Report to the President.

“Modern technology requires modern policy,” she said.

Kent also spoke on the impact of the FITARA scorecard. Her outfit, an all-blue ensemble, represented the blue of the “A” grades on the recently released FITARA Scorecard, as she told the audience.

“There’s been great progress. We’re not done–there are still many things we need to address. We’re going to continue to focus on how we use that scorecard to drive the right behaviors. There are many agencies where we’ve seen great progress–now what’s the next thing we’re going to focus on?”

On the subject of Capitol Hill, Kent turned her attention to the technology policies that have passed recently, including the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act, and the “mandate” to modernize Federal IT.

“We look forward to moving from concept to actual delivery on many of the things that I have highlighted,” said Kent. “It’s really exciting when we have both the President and Congress united, moving towards an agenda.”

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