Future Proofing AI
People + Processes + Services = Future-Proofing AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Federal agencies is a complex network of people, processes, and services. It requires high-performance computing, best-in-class networking, and maximum storage capacity. And, with so much data to quickly aggregate, manage, and analyze across devices, agencies, and locations dispersed geographically around world, agencies will need to:

  • Identify and build a robust AI foundation at the right price
  • Engage the expert services needed to deploy it

In the “People + Processes + Services = Future-Proofing AI” infographic, we’ll explore how agencies are building the groundwork for long-term AI success. Download the infographic to learn:

  • How agencies are aggregating, managing, and analyzing increasing quantities of data from a wide variety of resources
  • What technology requirements are needed to best support AI
  • How as-a-Service contracts can help agencies quickly deploy cutting-edge infrastructure
  • How agencies lacking sufficient in-house expertise can leverage as-a-Service to get the resources needed

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