Cyber AI
The Federal Cyber AI IQ Test

With the advent of cloud, IoT, and other next-gen technologies, the Federal government’s digital footprint is growing at an exponential rate.  But as the amount of data continues to explode, so do the number of cyber adversaries and vulnerabilities in our government’s networks.  And without the proper resources and capabilities to manually defend against this deluge of cyber threats, artificial intelligence (AI) could be the missing link in fully securing our government.

AI still maintains a futuristic connotation, but machine learning and cognitive solutions can have an immediate impact on Federal cyber defense.  With the abilities to track human behavior and detect threats with greater speed and efficiency, AI has the potential to change the course of cyber security for government agencies and keep them a step ahead at all times.

Download “The Federal Cyber AI IQ Test” to discover:

  • What are the security implications within the Federal government for the rise of AI?
  • What role can AI play in incident response? Can it help prepare agencies for real-world cyber threat scenarios?
  • How can agencies leverage behavioral analytics through AI to monitor human activity and deter insider threat?
  • How can the Federal cyber workforce coexist with cognitive technologies? Could AI lead to more streamlining within agencies?
  • What AI efforts are already underway in the Federal government? How are they performing? Where do IT professionals see it heading in the next 3-5 years?

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