Big Data for Better Decisions
Big Data for Better Decisions

Big data is revolutionizing intelligence, but the data analytics that drive intelligent solutions are no longer just an IT back-office support service – they are a mission function.

MeriTalk surveyed 150 Federal IT executives familiar with their agencies’ big data strategies to understand the challenges they face when adopting and implementing big data solutions, and opportunities to win.

Ninety-two percent of Fed IT managers say their agency has integrated big data into mission-critical tasks to some extent. And they are already reaping the benefits – agencies estimate increased big data adoption will save significant money, time, and resources. But less than half of respondents view big data as a mission function.

Download the “Big Data for Better Decisions: Integrating IT and the Mission” report to discover:

  • If agencies can integrate IT and mission, all while accelerating deployment and adoption of big data solutions
  • Where agencies currently stand in the IT and mission integration process
  • What obstacles prevent broader adoption of big data and how agencies are overcoming roadblocks
  • What issues are driving agencies to look toward big data analytics and who is responsible for building those analytical applications
  • If agencies are prepared to make sense of the information that they collect from big data analytics

We’re upping the ante. Join us November 16th for MeriTalk’s third annual Big Data Exchange Brainstorm as we explore the future for Big Data as an asset, not just a buzz word. Register today:

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