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Information Governance: Delivering Data Integrity

Quality data is vital across agencies – for assessing, managing, monitoring, and securing organizational information. Access to integrated data and metadata to facilitate data driven decision making is becoming increasingly important to delivering “the right data, at the right time, with the right integrity”.

  • What aspects are key to the formation of successful stewardship practice?
  • Which policies, standards, and processes have the largest impact on developing healthy data governance strategies?
  • What challenges has the commercial sector addressed while integrating data governance into its culture?
  • What lessons can public sector organizations learn – or perhaps teach?

Session Speakers

David Hantman Moderator
General Manager
Information Governance Architect
Principal Product Marketing Manager
Director of Field Technology, Financial Services Industry Lead
Cloudera Field Technology Office
Event Details
Knight Conference Center at the Newseum
555 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C.
Complimentary for government; industry rates apply
CPE Credits
Brainstorm attendees are eligible to receive continuing professional education (CPE) credits.
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