Alteryx Designer - FIPS
From Raw Data to Ready-To-Use Results

Workflows that solve valuable business processes should be shareable. However, traditional spreadsheets make it difficult for others to follow your logic from beginning to end. Enter Designer – FIPS.

Alteryx Designer – FIPS is an intuitive solution that empowers users to blend disparate data for faster results in a more secure environment. Using repeatable drag-and-drop workflows, users can quickly:

  • Profile, prepare, and blend data sets without having to write code or custom scripts
  • Import and use multiple sources, plus analyze them in a FIPS compatible environment
  • Scale processes across governed environments
  • Visually represent the data journey with annotated workflows

It offers the ability to expand access to analytics within environments that require a FIPS capable experience, which allows users to accelerate from questions to answers and empower mission outcomes.


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