IBM Cloud Smart
Director of Programs

With OMB’s recent shift from “Cloud First” to “Cloud Smart,” Federal agencies are tasked with matching mission to modernization. Agencies need to select technology that best fits their mission – technology that helps them become smarter, more efficient, and more effective. […]

General Manager, U.S. Federal & Government Industries
Executive Director, Enterprise Data Management and Engineering Directorate
U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Leveraging all an agency’s data is critical to successful adoption of cloud technologies and broader IT modernization. AI may be the ultimate goal, but data requirements can be challenging for agencies with limited budgets and legacy systems. What can government learn from how the best corporations manage data across cloud environments, organizational silos, and applications? Hear from experts on the next generation of applications and data management tools driving innovation and helping agencies advance their mission. […]

Robert Thomas
General Manager
IBM Analytics

Agencies are at different milestones in their cloud migration journey and there are lessons to be learned from those who have successfully migrated to the cloud. Hear from Federal IT leaders on best practices for successful cloud implementation, from utilizing hybrid and multi cloud platforms, to automation, workforce training, and more. We’ll explore how these strategies and tools can ensure mission success for agencies. […]

Michael Schwartz [moderator]
Director, Watson and Cloud Platform
US Federal
(Acting) Director of Enterprise Network Management
Bureau of Information Resource Management
Department of State
Chief Technology Officer
Department of Labor
Director, Office of Innovation, Office of Information Technology & Management
Food and Drug Administration

Modernization driven by cloud adoption is no passing trend. What does the future of hybrid and multi cloud look like? How will 5G, edge, and quantum computing impact the cloud landscape over next five years. How will Federal agencies organize and manage their IT and what improvements will automation and analytics make? Join this session for a forward-looking discussion to learn how decisions made now will impact the future Federal IT. […]

Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, IBM U.S. Public and Federal Markets

Kshemendra Paul, Cloud Action Officer for the Chief Information Officer at DHS will share his perspective on cloud adoption and DHS’ priority cloud initiatives. Driven by cost savings, mission enablement, and organizational transformation, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud approaches further enable agencies to continue to leverage past investments, while cloud is also a significant catalyst in […]

Chief Information Officer’s Cloud Action Officer
Department of Homeland Security

Close out the day with perspective from Federal IT leaders on what they’ve done so far to get “Cloud Smart” and how agencies can continue to utilize the right cloud technologies to accelerate the cloud journey. […]

Vice President, U.S. Federal Key Accounts
Section Chief of the Information Technology Management Section
Federal Bureau of Investigation
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Knight Conference Center at the Newseum
555 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20001
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