Chairman, Subcommittee on Government Operations
U.S. House of Representatives
Federal Industry Manager
Intel Corporation
Founder, Tony Scott Group
Former Federal CIO

The business of government requires the flexibility provided by today’s cloud offerings. It demands a level of collaboration and agility to future proof systems and the missions they support. Open standards, open source and vendor flexibility can maximize the value of cloud, but how widely are these strategies being adopted across the government? […]

Bryna Dash [moderator]
Federal Hybrid Cloud
Chief Information Officer
International Trade Administration
USDA Risk Management Agency

There’s no question Federal agencies are reaping benefits from the cloud – improved speed and agility, reduced complexity, and cost savings. But, the cloud that turns heads today, may not drive success tomorrow. How do agencies accelerate their path to the cloud, without getting trapped by data portability, security, and interoperability challenges? […]

Srinivas Singaraju [moderator]
Principal Architect
Cloud Solutions
General Dynamics IT
Deputy Chief Information Officer
National Archives and Records Administration
Senior Product Strategist
Infrastructure Development Executive
Defense Information Systems Agency

Cloud-based collaboration is no longer the future for federal agencies – it’s the new reality. Hybrid approaches allow agencies to personalize how they use the cloud, but today’s cloud solutions are anticipated to provide more than just flexibility. Security and reliability are the obvious expectations, but cloud services are now expected to deliver real-time content sharing, mobile accessibility, high-definition video and audio, and more – on top of FedRAMP compliance. So, who’s doing it well? […]

Alan P. Balutis [moderator]
Senior Director, U.S. Public Sector
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Service Executive
Office of the Chief Information Officer
National Aeronautics and Space Administration Headquarters
Senior Advisor for Digital Platforms
State Department
Deputy CIO
Federal Communications Commission

Yesterday’s thinkers throw up security as a reason not to go to the cloud. Security concerns with the cloud are holding agencies back from moving forward with innovative, modern IT approaches. That thinking needs to change across government. Cloud is inherently more secure than the aging legacy systems agencies continue to duct tape together. How can agencies address this cultural change in thinking about cloud? […]

Mark Ryland [moderator]
Solutions Architect
World Wide Public Sector Team
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Deputy Chief Information Officer
Department of Navy
Director, Service Delivery Staff
Office of the CIO
Department of Justice

Congress has joined the call to action for agencies to modernize their geriatric legacy systems – an $80 billion dollar annual expense that eats up most of the overall Federal IT budget. The message from the Hill seems to be less talk and more action, with legislators rolling out policy proposals that require agencies to set clear legacy system migration plans and meet specific deadlines. […]

Vice President
Federal Sector
Director, Workload and Cloud Solutions Practice
Enterprise Services U.S. Public Sector
Hewlett Packard Enterprises
Chief Technology Officer
Hitachi Data Systems Federal
Federation Principal
Office of the Federation

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