A MeriTalk survey of 175 milCloud® 2.0 mission partners shows that while 86 percent believe migrating to milCloud® 2.0 will have a positive impact on Department of Defense (DoD) missions, just 21 percent of them are in the process of migrating to the service – pointing to an opportunity for additional training and resources to accelerate migration.

milCloud® 2.0 is the cloud-services product portfolio managed by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and operated by General Dynamics Information Technology. It connects commercial cloud service offerings to DoD networks, providing mission partners with the latest cloud technology at competitive prices – with the security and performance levels required by the DoD.

Beyond the 21 percent of mission partners already in the migration process, another 23 percent are now involved in the planning, estimating, or funding phases of their migration journey. Further out on the horizon, 30 percent of mission partners say they are “evaluating” milCloud® 2.0. Of the remainder, 19 percent of mission partners said they were “unsure” about migration plans, and just 7 percent said they were migrating to a different cloud.

Mission partners surveyed pointed to clear advantages they expect from making the move to milCloud® 2.0:

  • Strengthening cybersecurity;
  • Improving services to soldiers and non-combat DoD personnel;
  • Helping maintain the U.S. military’s technological advantage;
  • Strengthening national security; and,
  • Improving speed and accuracy of battlefield decision-making;

On the operational front, mission partners said they were looking forward to realizing:

  • Improved infrastructure management;
  • Lower costs;
  • Elastic, on-demand capabilities;
  • Reduced risk with better cybersecurity posture; and,
  • Better speed-to-mission outcomes.

What’s needed to accelerate milCloud® 2.0 migration? The biggest factors stated are workforce training (32 percent), improved access to tech resources (31 percent), better guidance around workloads eligible for migration (27 percent), and consultation and planning (27 percent). For many, the problem is not money: 38 percent said they already have migration funding approved, and another 14 percent said they expect to get funding in the next year.

Want to know the best ways to speed your migration to milCloud® 2.0? Please join MeriTalk and GDIT on March 25 for a complimentary webinar that will discuss survey findings, talk about core technology capabilities and use cases, and provide a “quick start” guide on navigating the estimate and funding process.

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Kate Polit
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