The U.S. Marine Corps said on March 10 that it is launching its Marine Corps Software Factory (MCSWF) as a three-year pilot project that aims to develop a Marine-led software development capability and evaluate demand and requirements for the factory effort’s services.


The service branch said that as the operating environment for military services continues to change, the Marine Corps will be required to scope and implement software-based solutions at the edges of the battlefield without connectivity or assistance from centralized or contracted support.


The MCSWF will aim to enhance the Corps’ modernization efforts by empowering Marines to develop applications for commanders at the speed of relevance. The MCSWF will also leverage the Corps’ recent talent management efforts, industry partnerships, and innovations in cloud technology.


The factory is working closely with the Marine Corps Manpower and Reserve Affairs (M&RA) to ensure ease of career implications for program participants and to ensure the software factory outcomes are optimized across the modernization enterprise.


“Our Marines have an amazing capacity for understanding complex technologies. We must empower our Marines to use that technological know-how to create a more lethal force,” Gen. David H. Berger, 38th Commandant of the Marine Corps, said in a statement.


The Marine Corps is currently fielding more complex systems and platforms, and plans to continue to invest in Marines’ and Civilian Marines’ capacity to advance in parallel, Berger added.


The initial cohort for the MCSWF – selected from the Communications Occupational Field – will undergo a three-year program consisting of three phases: a technical accelerator; one-to-one pairing enablement; and employment utilization.


For the first three months, Marines will attend a technical accelerator to establish a baseline skillset. Then, Marines will work one-on-one with technical experts from industry while solving real Marine problem sets.


Marine Corps’ Chief Information Officer Lt. Gen. Matthew Glavy will serve as the executive sponsor for the MCSWF.


“The Marine Corps Software Factory is about outcomes, creating an advantage for Marines at the tactical edge, today,” stated Glavy. “The MCSWF will provide viable capabilities to enhance mission readiness through the power of information.”

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