The General Services Administration (GSA) announced its launch of a robotic process automation (RPA) community of practice (CoP) this week to prepare Federal agencies to maximize their utilization of emerging RPA technologies.

RPA uses automation, primarily through bots, to complete more low-value or manual tasks so personnel can focus on high-value work. With the CoP launch, GSA said it will also “allow Federal government leaders to explore opportunities, share ideas, and collaborate on how RPA can be effectively implemented in their respective agencies.”

GSA Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Gerard Badorrek and Technology Transformation Services (TTS) Director Anil Cheriyan sponsored the creation of RPA CoP, which will be chaired by Ed Burrows of GSA’s Office of the CFO (OCFO).

OCFO will adopt TTS CoP management models and capabilities in RSA CoP, and the CoP will work with Federal RPA leaders to gather information, define technical options, and outline optimum implementation practices to consolidate and accelerate RPA capabilities.

“It’s important for the federal government to capitalize on technological solutions in order to obtain the benefits of cost-effectively automating manual, repetitive, and rule-based operations,” GSA said. “Many agencies are currently piloting RPA or already have bots in production, but so much more can be learned, accomplished, and shared with the collective efforts of industry and government.”

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