The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is exploring a move for its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system from a Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) environment to a secure cloud environment, according to a request for information released December 9.

The RFI notes that DLA is looking to the cloud to reduce infrastructure costs and increase scalability while modernizing its systems. The agency plans to reduce custom configurations, shorten times for infrastructure deployments, and gain test environments for proposed changes to the system.

“Cloud migration and standardization services should be aligned with objectives of the enterprise service delivery model, and support the agency’s ability to deliver future sustainable services,” DLA notes.

DLA is looking to industry for a cloud environment that can host the ERP system at Impact Level 4 and FedRAMP standards. The ERP system will host personally identifiable information and credit card numbers, making security a top consideration. Integration with other systems is also key, as DLA is leveraging a hybrid cloud approach to its environment.

“The integration of the existing ERP with other supply chain efforts, such as the Warehouse Management System, that reside in cloud or on-premise environments, is desired in order to provide real-time data access and decision support to the DLA enterprise,” the RFI states.

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