Artificial intelligence experts at Dell Technologies are leveraging the emerging technology to drive human progress forward – whether it be in schools, at hospitals, or on farms.

Marc Hammons, senior distinguished engineer for the Office of the CTO at Dell, said during day one of the Dell Technologies World conference that AI is one of the top technologies that can drive human progress.

“You just have to look at opportunities in health, agriculture, and education to see the potential,” Hammons said. “We’re building platforms that enable our customers to deliver AI solutions, and that allow artificial intelligence to scale.”

Hammons drilled down the importance of the technology today, noting that “AI is undergoing a renaissance unlike any other in history.” He continued, adding, “AI is on the path to becoming your everyday work companion.”

Dell Optimizer, the tech giant’s built-in, AI-based optimization software that learns and responds to the way you work, is a great example of this.

Sarah Burkhart, director of Product Marketing for the Advanced Experience Solutions Group at Dell Technologies, gave some examples of Dell’s AI-based tool, noting that it can aid everyday work from simple battery performance to more complex privacy capabilities.

Burkhart said the tool recently helped an emergency center’s first responders better communicate by adjusting the audio – so they can spend more time delivering care than troubleshooting unclear audio. The Dell AI expert also said that a U.S. school district also deployed the technology for privacy capabilities on computers.

“It’s not AI for AI sake, it’s really about what problems are we trying to solve. What are the pain points that your users are having, for example, that are keeping them from being able to focus on their workflow,” she asked. “We can focus our resources and our pipeline of new ideas on the areas that are going to be the most important.”

Burkhart said that Dell has three main focus areas for AI: improved personal productivity, better security, and better service capabilities.

Hammons agreed, noting that AI will alter the future of technology because it’s all about “pushing the intelligence down into the hardware.”

John New, the director of product management for Telemetry and Analytics at Dell Technologies said that the organization’s AI tools are intended to create “impactful, autonomous changes for the user.”

“We have a great history and track record in the security space – we’re a trusted partner in that space,” Ben Fauber, a senior AI & ML research scientist at Dell Technologies said during the panel.

“Our customers come back to us, and they give us this feedback, too, is that we are trustworthy. When we say that something is going to be delivered within a certain period of time, we’re usually spot on,” Fauber said. “We’re very direct and transparent with our customers.”

“And then finally, there’s some great partnerships that we have,” he continued, adding, “There’s a lot that we can do with our partners hand-in-hand and really deliver a lot of value for our customers.”

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