Everyone makes predictions this time of year. Now it’s your turn. The top trends government IT professionals are watching in 2015:

  1. Network overhauls. Nearly half of Federal IT specialists say their IT infrastructure must change by the end of 2015 as a result of cyber security, data center consolidation, cloud initiatives, increased mobility, and big data. That’s double the rate of state and local agencies.1
  2. Technology adoption. The percentage of Federal agencies deploying these Big Five technologies by 2015:2
    • Security: 99%
    • Data center consolidation: 90%
    • Mobility: 92%
    • Big data: 78%
    • Cloud: 76%
  3. Increased complexity. Feds cited increasing complexity as one of their top three network management challenges just six months ago.3
  4. Top apps in the cloud. Which applications are headed to the cloud first in 2015 and beyond? CRM systems are priority one, followed by logistics and HR/personnel, procurement, and unified messaging.4
  5. More cloud. As of this fall, 29% of Feds had plans to deploy cloud gateways in 2015.5 Not quite half of Feds say their agencies met the June 5, 2014 FedRAMP certification deadline. But respondents tell us that number should reach two-thirds by the end of 2015.6
  6. Progress in 2016. Where do state and local agencies see themselves on the Big Five by the end of 2016?7 Here’s what they tell us:
    • Security: 98% deployed
    • Data center consolidation: 88% deployed
    • Mobility: 84% deployed
    • Cloud: 67% deployed
    • Big data: 65% deployed

Did they call it right? Stay tuned. The only guarantee is that change is constant.


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