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Agency TIC Lead Panel – TIC Modernization Driving Innovation

TIC 3.0 removes a significant barrier to agencies’ critical push to IT modernization, allowing them to expand to more cloud-based environments and pave a path to the modern workplace. How will TIC provide opportunity for agencies to drive innovation and take advantage of next-gen technologies? Join this session to hear from agency TIC leads on how the updated policy is shaping their modernization efforts, why it’s driving workforce productivity, what challenges have been met along the way, and much more.

Session Speakers

Stephen Kovac [moderator]
Chief Compliance Officer and Head of Global Government Affairs
Director, Enterprise Security Architecture
Department of Veterans Affairs
Chief Information Officer
Office of the Inspector General
Department of Health and Human Services
Acting Deputy Assistant Commissioner for Category Management, Office of Information Technology Category (ITC)
Federal Acquisition Service
General Services Administration
Solutions Architect, Office of Telecommunications Services
General Services Administration