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Keynote TechTalks – Data to Decisions

From acting on real-time analysis to predicting the future, the power of data is limitless. Data analytics are transforming how agencies view the world and get things done, and forcing agencies to reevaluate how they store its data – the way data is protected is key to keeping it safe. With technology moving at the speed of light, and agencies stretching their budgets and their skills to keep up, the amount of resources spent safeguarding data depends on how vital it is. Sharing and safeguarding data and the information it contains means striking a delicate balance – protect the privacy of sensitive information while still providing decision-makers access to critical data.

  • What measures are in place to ensure data is not compromised yet still accessible and shareable?
  • What can agencies learn from their data?
  • How can agencies collaborate with one another while still protecting Americans’ identities?
  • Are the risks worth the rewards?
  • Has data analytics aided or hindered productivity?
  • What challenges will Feds encounter next?

Session Speakers

Audie Hittle Moderator
Chief Technology Officer, Federal and Cyber Security
Emerging Technology Division
Director, Veterans Relationship Management
Veterans Benefits Administration
Department of Veterans Affairs
Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA)
Chief Privacy Officer
Department of Homeland Security
Event Details
Knight Conference Center at the Newseum
555 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C.
Complimentary for government; industry rates apply
CPE Credits
Brainstorm attendees are eligible to receive continuing professional education (CPE) credits.
For more information on event details, please contact us at (703) 883-9000 ext. 108 or bdxbrainstorm@meritalk.com.