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Government Opening Keynote – Emerging Technologies: A Double-edged Sword in Our National Defense

Nation-state cyberattacks increased exponentially in the last year, targeting governments, critical infrastructure, private businesses, and citizens’ personal information. Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and biotechnology are developing and proliferating faster than government and industry can define expectations for their use and prevent dangerous outcomes. In the hands of hostile nation states, these technologies can pose grave threats to U.S. security and prosperity. Join keynote speaker Col. (R) Candice Frost, former commander of the Joint Intelligence Operations Center at Cyber Command, for an insightful discussion about how investment in emerging technologies could give the U.S. an edge in cybersecurity and promises to help government and industry to combat threats that grow more dire every day.

Session Speakers

Candice Frost
Intelligence and Cybersecurity Expert
U.S. Army
Steve Hoffman
Steve Hoffman [introduction]
Fortinet Federal, Inc.