A Roadmap for Building an Intelligence-Led Security Program
A Roadmap for Building an Intelligence-Led Security Program

The global pandemic has accelerated the digitalization of internal, customer, and supply chain operations. Today, everything and everyone is connected, and cybercriminals are taking advantage. Security practitioners, already stretched thin, must now defend a virtually infinite attack surface.

Over the past year, we saw escalating attacks and responses in the form of ransomware gangs halting oil pipelines and food supply chains; civil unrest unfolding around the world and internet use censored and monitored; critical infrastructure being hacked in state-sponsored cyberespionage campaigns; and disinformation campaigns targeting governments and COVID-19 vaccine efforts – to name a few.

Current defense strategies are not working. Defenders must switch to offense. Organizations must move to intelligence-led security programs that anticipate adversaries and their intent, monitor the infrastructure they build, and learn from breached organizations.


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