The dark web has long provided a safe haven for cybercriminals to plot illicit activities, often with huge implications on government. Forward-thinking agencies must investigate threats and emerging adversaries on their own turf. But analysts face extensive challenges – data overload, analysis paralysis, communication breakdown, and dead ends on the closed web – to name a few. And while priorities have shifted since the beginning of the pandemic, threats haven’t disappeared – and Federal agencies must develop a smarter way of working to disrupt the threat landscape.

It’s more critical than ever to provide organizations with a dynamic and comprehensive view of their threat landscape – and focus resources not simply on getting back to normal, but back to better.

On November 19, we explored how agencies can develop a threat intelligence program that empowers employees and provides heightened threat monitoring, including:

  • Expansive cyber repository and source coverage
  • Automated, machine-scale collection with real-time analysis
  • Advanced search capabilities for tailored investigations


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