Automating Cyber Security: March 9, 2016

Federal agencies today face a constant stream of threats – attackers and hackers are motivated, creative, and persistent – and there’s no perfect defense of agency systems. While agencies have invested massive resources to defend their systems, it never seems to be enough, especially as the threat landscape continues to evolve. Through security automation, agencies can identify and mitigate vulnerabilities before they become active threats – enabling information to be shared and leveraged in real time to reduce the response time to cyber incidents.

  • In what ways does automation enhance agencies ability to minimize risk and speed detection?
  • What benefits does the CDM program provide to network security through automation of control testing and progress tracking?
  • How can automating security controls help agencies reduce costs while increasing cyber defenses?
  • Does security automation help increase information sharing across agencies? How?

Featured Speaker:

Department of State


Event Details
The City Club
555 13th St. NW
Washington, D.C. 20004
For more information contact Courtney Perrone at or (703) 883-9000 ext. 130.  Space is limited.